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'Tools for future creator' is a project that allows the fashion design to be re-imagined in an Augmented Reality future. Appliqué is an ecosystem utilizing AR layers to create added value to physical clothing. This ecosystem includes a platform for fashion designers to design AR effects and a platform for viewers to view live streams, comment, and share their AR fashion.

Time / 

09 - 12/2018 (14 weeks) 

Skills & Tools / 

Unity, XD, Protopie

Type / 

Collaborate with Christophe Taylor 

In Augmented Reality Future,

how could fashion garment evolve?

Layer 24.jpg
Layer 25_strut.jpg

Getting over the material constraints of physical fabric, fashion designer in the future could almost make anything in their imagination realized in the Augmented Reality

Black OutlineAsset 8.png

Appliqué brings AR fashion alive,

with tools for designer to create

and platforms for users to consume.

Use Case with Rachel Kinnard

a LA-based custom/fashion designer worked for Adult Swim

Tools for Fashion Designers

Designing both physical garment and the AR layer requires a new working flow for fashion designers. A toggled view ensured the smoothness of working back and forth in both physical and AR.

Physical Garment Design View with realtime 3D simulation

Toggle to AR Design View and add AR contents on top of physical garments

designer UI1.png

Once finished the design, upload and publish

Platform for Consumers

A web, in addition to the mobile and the wearable, hosts all the feeds of

AR fashion for users to share, comment and purchase the garment.

It is also a virtual runway show.

Feed Hompage.png

AR Effects

Different AR effects are provided for designer to use.

And there will be more...



Trail Render

Physical Garment Design


Other Use Cases

Appliqué is designed to be open-ended.

Not only individual designers,

but also commercial brand or even everyday user

can use this platform to create and consume their AR fashion.


Uniqlo Pacman Line


David Bowie Fan

So What?

Implication of Appliqué could be more...


Fabric Limit 

Like mentioned before, Appliqué has set designers free from traditional fabric constraints. It allows more imaginations.

'Wearable' Tech 


No battery, no sensor. This might be the most accessible technology ever. And it's literally 'WEARABLE'.

AR Future

AR Lens & Glasses

Wearable AR is coming in a near future. All garment could have an AR layer, forming your digital/physical identity.

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