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Permitted by depth cameras, human beings, objects, and scenes can be captured volumetrically and teleported with depth. Telepresence is ever more real and tangible than before. This project explores the new communal space created by volumetric live-streaming. This space, in between virtual and reality, allows distant humans and objects to coexist with new forms of interactions. 

Time / 

02/2020 - 04/2020

Skills & Tools / 

Unity, Arduino, Kinect

Type / 

Individual Thesis

Volumetric streams capture the world with depth

Depth cameras have been around us for a long time, quietly. From some new products like iPhone True Depth front-facing cameras to some old ones like Kinects, depth cameras have been underestimated for its power. It captures the surroundings with depth and reproduces humans, objects, and space digitally in 3D. More excitingly, the 5G would allow this volumetric stream to be live and realtime. What new interactions and interfaces could be created in this unique world?

Hey, come over and join this volumetric live-streaming!



Interactions occur anywhere in between virtual and reality




The 3D reconstructed reality is a digital replication of the world in front of you. The difference is this replicated reality can be transferred to other distant people and allow them to interact and manipulate.




82% Do Nothing

A communal space for distant beings to meetup

The telepresent beings are endowed with the ability to impact another person’s space remotely, by piercing the surface, moving around objects and more. This new sense of presence is embedded within the objects and scenes around people, from virtual to reality. Humans can exist in different formats, including 3D scanned selfs or avatars.

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