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Memento is a device for recording and playing personal voice journals. Besides being an audio archive for daily events and sentiments, the device features tone-analyzing technology, capable of recognizing users’ emotions during the recording process. By playing previous records, it is also a radio only telling the user's life story.

Time / 

09 - 11/2018 (10 weeks) 

Skills & Tools / 

Solidworks, KeyShots, CNC, Power Print, Laser Cut, Raspberry Pi, Python, IBM Watson, Tailwind, Laravel, Arduino, PHP, Java Script

Listen to your 5-year-old life story with one click



Asset 4.png

The design of this device is aim to be as minimal as possible, which allows the user to record and play audio without any extra efforts. For me, the most interesting aspect of this design is that user won't have full control over which audio to play. With the slider, the user can generally set up a time period from which a random audio would be extracted to play. 


All audio record will be upload to the web database. The user can also log onto the database to visit previous journals, which will be archived by tone analyzer. When playback locally on the device, this device becomes a 'personal radio', playing your own stories.  


The coding and wiring experience has been very challenging. During the process, I have to self-learn some coding languages and platforms which I've never worked before, such as Laraval, Python. Here's a system diagram of the software mechanism:


Started working with digital 3d modeling, I worked with SolidWorks and KeyShots. The outside shell was designed to be made with wood. CNC machine is the best choice to carve out a wood model. The front panel was glossy and flat. I used the acrylic board and cut out with laser cut, later on, painted the back with white spray paint. The handle and button are made with powder prints and manually sanded and painted.


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